A Hybrid Game Studio
that focuses on creating
addictive Hyper-Casual
and Casual Mobile Games.

Our Games and R&D

We intend to create the next generation of mobile games based on innovative mechanics and pioneering technical specifications R&D.

Our Current Games

What we have in the store

Amaze 2048

Amazing new way to play 2048!

Swipe the balls and merge them all!

Power Pop

Pop to the top and reach 1024!

Play for a new high score!

Combo Merge

Top to Merge!

Merge same number! Merge same color! Merge both combo!

Our R&D

Early Experiments

Draw Water

Only 1% score 1000! can you???

Draw to create a stream & collect as much water as you can!

Water Lines

Draw water & collect the stars!

Dozens of puzzles with amazing mechanics!

Our Upcoming Games

Something exciting in the Pipeline