A R&D L.L.C.
specializing in
Emergent Intelligence (E.I.)

What is Emergent Intelligence (E.I.)?

Conchware’s Emergent Intelligence (E.I.) enables a swarm of Artificial Intelligence agents to find solutions to problems autonomously and collectively in real-time.


The following are some of the works we have created with our E.I.:

Conchware’s R&D

Multilingual Edutainment Publishing Platform (M.E.P.P.)

The Convergence of Education, Media & Entertainment, Mobile Games, Literature, and Social Media into one.


Using E.I. we can turn any written texts (in any language), numbers, symbols, and equations into a mobile application.

Conchware is currently building the Multilingual Edutainment Publishing Platform (M.E.P.P.) so that it would be accessible and available for licensing with content creators, publishers, and right holders; while at the same time producing in-house mobile games in the following categories:


Book and Text Publishing

A Study in Scarlet

The Great Gatsby

Don Quixote